Yard of the Month

In addition to the Whiffletree Villa’s YOM lawn-sign placed in their front yard, a $25.00 gift card from Cristina's Garden Center is given to the resident.

Congratulations to 4037 Raphael Dr. YOM for June 2021!

Congratulations to 4044 Bramley Way YOM for May 2021!

Congratulations to 4256 Munnings Plc. Best Hoilday Decoration, December 2020!

Congratulations to 4105 Stanton Blvd. YOM for October 2020!

Congratulations to 4020 Fiser Place YOM for September 2020!

Congratulations to 4029 Raphael Dr. YOM for July 2020!

Special thanks to Christina's Garden Center for their continued support of our Yard of the Month program!